Tax and Corporate Consultancy:

  • Advice and assistance for correct interpretation of current tax legislation, for the purpose of ensuring it is correctly applied in corporate operations
  • Constitution, modification and dissolution of companies and bodies
  • Tax planning linked to national and international growth operations, or corporate restructuring
  • Management of relationships with the Tax Administration in the pre-litigation phase
  • Assistance in drafting company contracts and among shareholders, drafting shareholders’ agreements

Tax Litigation:

  • Advice and assistance in the pre-litigation phase
  • Drafting appeals/complaints and representation before Tax Commissions

Arbitration, Mediation and Accommodation of Interest:

  • Transactions, friendly and free compositions
  • Orthodox and unorthodox arbitration
  • Schedules for hereditary successions
  • Accommodation of interests between family members, heirs and shareholders
  • Handover of the company to the next generation
  • Liquidations, divisions and allocation of assets