Periodic reporting and balance analysis:

  • Analysis and interpretation of business data relating to economics, finance and the balance sheet, via the preparation and analysis of interim reports.
  • Preparation of reports for companies that form part of national and international groups.

Financial statements and declarations:

  • Assistance in external communications on economic and financial matters.
  • Assistance and advice to companies, and operational support in the preparation of financial statements (ordinary, consolidated and intermediate) and in drafting the accompanying documents, in compliance with current regulations  and with the best corporate, legal and accountancy practices.
  • Assistance and support to customers in fulfilling declaratory obligations on an annual and interim basis.

Taxes and civic obligations

  • Assistance to customers in fulfilling tax obligations in the field of direct and indirect taxes, with support from the administrative and finance areas in the management and/or direct execution of administrative, fiscal and electronic obligations.


  • Accountancy and fulfilment services for any on-going periodic tax compliance for customers who choose to outsource such activities.